Internet consultations

Benefits of distance consultations

  • Access to services that are not available in the area.
  • Ecological impact: they reduce the carbon footprint related to traveling.
  • Eliminate the waste of time, tiredness, costs and stress linked to traveling.
  • Alternative to home visits for people who cannot move.
  • The appointments can be set easier in a busy schedule.
  • They can be useful in specific psychotherapies, for instance in the case of anxiety troubles.


  • The setup of a distance consultation via Internet requires on the client side an adequate computer equipment and an environment that ensures quietness and confidentiality. Additional costs of Internet usage may apply.
  • Despite the constant progress of information technology, some activities cannot take place at distance. For instance, when they require the use of special equipment like psychometric or neuropsychological testing, biofeedback, virtual reality, or some systems of remediation or training. These limitations are particularly obvious in the context of child psychotherapy, which requires some room for physical activities and material equipment.
  • Compared to genuine on site communication, videoconferencing communication is slightly impaired, particularly with regard to body language, that is very important for psychotherapy. Screen sharing and presentation of various types of documents are possible and enhance the communication.
  • Consultations by phone with video are less comfortable than on PC and they don’t allow to share documents easily. Telephone conversations without video are a last resort solution that can be used occasionally. They do not allow sustainable psychotherapy.

What to choose ?

Both distance and on site consultations have pros and cons. If going to an office is not possible or too difficult, distance consultation applies.

If moving to an office is possible in some cases but not possible other times for any reason (time schedule, access to means of transport, baby sitting, etc.), it is interesting to combine both alternatives.

For some treatments or parts of treatments, going to the office will be necessary.

In practice

Many distance communication systems are available free of charge for the client, but they meet the requirements of psychotherapy at different levels.

The most appropriate solution will be chosen during the first request of appointment, according to the objectives of the psychotherapy and the equipment available at the client’s home. Some technical documentation can be provided if necessary and a preliminary test can be made on the equipment to ensure its reliability.

The time schedule, cost and duration of the consultations are the same as in my office. All insurance reimbursements apply as well.

Appointments must be made by telephone. Payments are made by bank transfer or credit card.

Don’t hesitate to call – +32(0)484 94 63 50 – if you need additional information.